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Internet Keeps Disconnecting on Laptop Windows 10 [Solved]

how to fix Internet keeps disconnecting

There’s nothing more painful than the Internet keeps disconnecting on laptop Windows 10 every few minutes. If you encounter this situation where your laptop keeps disconnecting from the internet, it’s really inconvenient for your work, but never mind,…

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Laptop Has No Sound in Windows 10 – 5 Fixed Solutions

fix laptop has no sound

Most of the laptop users usually change the sound volume when using their Windows 10 laptop speakers. However, recently, many users have reported an issue where their laptop has no sound in Windows 10 at all. This is…

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Fixed: Windows Update Service Not Running on Windows 10/7

fixed Windows Update Service not running

If you are facing the “Windows Update Service not running” error, and you restart your computer several times and click “Check for updates” again, but you will still get the same issue, that’s probably there may have some…

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Resolved: “Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered” Windows 10 Error

display driver stopped responding

“Last week, when I was playing a game or running an application, I received an error code “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered“, then my PC suspended and became unresponsive. How can I fix it?” If you…

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Fixed: Laptop Touchpad is Not Working after Windows 10 Update

fix the touchpad is not working

“Since I updated my laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 10, I found that my laptop Touchpad was not working because it didn’t respond when I tried to tap on it. I’ve attempted to reboot my laptop several…

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How to Make C Drive (System Partition) Bigger in Windows 10

make C drive bigger in Windows 10

“My Windows 10 C drive (system partition) is full and runs out of space. Is there a way to make C drive bigger in Windows 10?” If you are suffering from a low disk space on your system…

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Make a Full Backup of Windows 10 on an External Hard Drive

full backup Windows 10 to external hard drive

Do you want to back up your entire Windows 10 computer to an external hard drive? So what does it mean to back up a computer? Different people think differently. Some people mean making a full backup of…

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How to Clone Windows 10 System Boot Drive from HDD to a New SSD

Clone a Windows OS to a smaller SSD

Planning to upgrade your old hard drive to an SSD? If you’re looking for an easy way to clone Windows 10 from HDD to an SSD, a powerful disk cloning software can help you get the job done…

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2 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password without Logging in

reset Windows 10 password without logging in

When you are logged in Windows 10, it is very easy to reset/change your account password, whether from PC Settings or Control Panel. But if you have forgotten your account password and cannot log in to Windows 10,…

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How to Decrypt BitLocker-Encrypted Drive from Command Line in Windows 10

decrypt BitLocker drive with command line

To protect files and folders from authorized access, some people encrypt the drives with BitLocker in Windows 10, such as fixed hard drive, removable USB flash drive and so on. However, it will be inconvenient if a drive…

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