5 Options to Change Password in Windows 10

change windows 10 password

Occasionally, you may need to change your account password in Windows 10 to make your password stronger or easier to remember, or just because you don’t want the password anymore and you want to delete it. Then you have five options to change the password in Windows 10.

5 options to change the password in Windows 10

Option 1: Change Windows 10 password in Control Panel

Step 1: Access Control Panel in Windows 10.

Step 2: Click Change account type link under User Accounts.

Change account type

Step 3: Choose the user whose password you would like to change.

Choose the user

Step 4: Click the Change the password link.

Click Change the password link

Step 5: Type your current password in the first box, type your new password in the second and third boxes, type a password hint in the last box if you want, then click Change Password button.

Type your current password and new password

Then the user password is changed successfully. Next time you have to sign in Windows 10 as this user with the new password.

Option 2: Change Windows 10 password in PC settings

Step 1: Press Win key on your keyboard to bring out Windows 10 Start menu. Then click or tap Settings to open PC Settings.

Click Settings in Start menu

Step 2: Click or tap Accounts.

Select Accounts

Step 3: Select Sign-in Options on the left pane. Then click or tap Change under Change your account password.

Change your account password

Step 4: Type your current password.

Type your current password

Step 5: Type your new password and password hint. Then click/tap Next.

Type your new password and password hint

Step 6: On the next page, click Finish to confirm changing the password. Then next time sign in Windows 10 with the new password.

Option 3: Change Windows 10 password through Command Prompt

Step 1: Press Win + X keys on your keyboard to bring out Power User Start Menu. Click or tap Command Prompt (Admin) and confirm the User Account Control dialog if prompted to open Command Prompt.

Command Prompt Admin

Step 2: Type the command: net user <username> <password> and hit Enter to change password for the user. When it displays the command completed successfully, your Windows 10 password is changed successfully.

Execute net user command

Option 4: Change Windows 10 Password in Computer Management

Step 1: Press Win + R to bring out the Run dialog box. Type compmgmt.msc and then click OK or press Enter to open Computer Management.

Type compmgmt.msc in Run dialog

Step 2: When Computer Management opens. Expand System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users. Then right-click on the user whose password you would like to change and select Set Password.

Set password for the user

Step 3: Click/tap Proceed.


Step 4: Type your new password in the boxes and click OK. Then the password will be changed.

Set new password

Option 5: Change Windows 10 password by key combination

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: Select Change a password on the blue screen.

Click Change a password

Step 3: Type your old password and the new password. Then click the arrow in the Confirm password box to change your old password to the new one.

Type your old password and new password

Tips: The above methods to change password work only when you are signed in Windows 10 and still know your old password. If you forgot your current password and even can’t sign in Windows 10, you can reset your Windows 10 password with the help of some third-party Windows password reset software like Windows Password Refixer. Or you can change or remove Windows 10 password without software but using a password reset disk or a Windows 10 installation media if you have either of them.

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