Author: Darren

How to Completely Hide the Data in Excel 2016 Worksheet

Excel hide data

When making an Excel worksheet, if you don’t want some of the data in the worksheet to be displayed, and you don’t want these important data looked up by the unapproved visitors. You can choose to completely hide…

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How to Create PivotTable in Excel 2016 Manually

Excel Pivot Table

Making charts with excel is part of the job. In order to make the charts more intuitive to reflect the data, many editors often create PivotTable in Excel 2016, but many friends are not clear about how to…

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2 Methods to Bypass Password on HP Laptop Windows 10/8/7

bypass hp laptop password

HP laptop has been popular from the age of Windows 7 to the age of Windows 10. Over ninety percent of people put passwords on their laptops to prevent access by unauthorized persons to their laptops, and you…

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How to Reduce JPEG/PNG Image Size without Losing Quality in Photoshop

reduce png and jpg image size

JPG and PNG are the most common image formats in our daily study or work. In order to ensure the clarity of the image, there is always a requirement that the width and height of the image must…

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How to Fix Messy Codes for CSV File in Excel 2016

Fix Excel CSV Messy Code

For some office workers, Excel is a kind of statistical software that is used a lot. Supposing you open a CSV file with Excel, and it turns out that there are messy codes in the CSV file. You…

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How to Change Screen Brightness for Desktop and Laptop PC

Change Windows PC screen brightness

Proper screen brightness is one of the best ways to avoid eye strain. In this post, we will illustrate some common ways to adjust the brightness and contrast on desktop and laptop computer. 2 ways to adjust display…

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How to Improve Startup and Shutdown Experience in Windows 10

Improve PC startup and shutdown experence

Does your Windows PC take a long time to Start or shutdown? If so, try some of the following suggestions to help make your Windows 10 PC run better so that it improve Windows startup and shutdown experience….

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Why Does the Phone Get Black Screen? How to Fix?

fix phone gets black screen

The black screen of the mobile phone is a rather terrible thing for many computer friends because the black screen of the mobile phone is either the system is broken or the hardware is broken. For those who…

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How to Solve/Avoid the Problem for Mobile Phone “Jump Screen”

mobile phone jump screen

Nowadays, we are used to using mobile phones to communicate with friends and relatives, such as making phone calls, sending text messages and so on. Sometimes, we may use my cell phone to earn pocket money. Even we…

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How to Do If the Computer Case Leaks Electricity

computer case leaks electricity

As we all know, the most important part of the desktop computer is a computer case, it is an important part of driving desktop computers run. There is a certain voltage in the computer case, its voltage value…

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