How to Completely Hide the Data in Excel 2016 Worksheet

Excel hide data

When making an Excel worksheet, if you don’t want some of the data in the worksheet to be displayed, and you don’t want these important data looked up by the unapproved visitors. You can choose to completely hide the data in Excel 2016 worksheet. Here’s how to hide excel data completely for you!

Steps to completely hide the data in Excel 2016 worksheet

If you don’t want someone else to see something important in your Excel worksheet, you have to hide it.

Step 1: Open the Excel worksheet with data.

open the excel worksheet

Step 2: Select cells with data that need to be hidden. For example, if you want to hide D row data, select it, then right-click to choose Format Cells.

choose cells and format cells

Step 3: A “Format Cells” dialog box pops up, choose Custom below the Number, and then enter three semicolons (;;;) in the box under Type on the right.

enter three semicolons

Step 4: Next, you can see that the data in the Excel worksheet is hidden.

the data is hidden

Step 5: Right-click the cells again to select Format Cells.

right click the cells with data

Step 6: Under Protection, select the Hidden option and press OK.

select the hidden option

Step 7: Navigate to Review, select Protect Sheet.

choose protect sheet

Step 8: When the “Protect Sheet” dialog box opens, set the password for protecting the Excel worksheet.

set password to protect the excel worksheet

Step 9: After finished this setup, you can see that the data in the D row is completely gone.

the data is completely gone

The above is the method of completely hiding the Excel data, the operation is very simple, everybody can easily carry out according to the above operation steps, hoped this article can be helpful to everybody!

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