Are You Aware of Some Wrong Region about Charging Phone?

wrong region about charging phone

Nowadays, mobile phones can be said to be a necessity for us to carry with us, so it has become a must-do thing to charge our mobile phones every day. Sometimes we can just pick up the charger and charge it casually, in fact, most people are wrong about charging methods, which not only damaged the mobile phone components but will burn the phone if it’s serious. So what are misunderstandings about charging your phone? Let’s take a look at them now.

Here are some common misconceptions about charging phone:

Misconception 1: Mixed-use of charging wire

mixed charging line

Have you chosen the right charging cable? The best way to charge your phone is to use the original charging line, and it’s best to mark it so that it doesn’t get confusing. Nowadays, in order to avoid the phenomenon of a mobile phone without electricity outside, many people will choose a power bank to charge and prefer to go out with a relatively short cable. If it is the charging line of a big name manufacturer is well enough, but if it is a fake one, and the quality is not good, there will be a great security hazard!

Misconception 2: Charger mixed-use

Charger mixed-use

The same is true for the charger. It is better to use the original charger. For example, if you charge an iPad with an iPhone plug, you’ll find that it’s not as slow as it should be. If you use a high-power plug to charge a phone with a low-power plug, the speed will be much faster! Therefore, it is best to use the original charger when charging!

Misconception 3: Play phone while charging

Play phone while charging

It is not right to use the phone while charging, it will generate more heat, and the damage to the cell phone battery is the greatest, such as shortened battery life, and is also harmful to the human body! In serious cases, it could cause an explosion. If possible, it is best to power it off and charges, which is also the best maintenance of the battery.

Misconception 4: Charge too many times

charge phone too many times

I believe everyone has heard that every cell phone battery has a fixed number of charges. If the battery is charged too many times, it will lead to the aging of the battery. In fact, this argument is just a saying on a nickel battery, lithium batteries are different. Charging more often is good for the battery! When the cell phone battery is too low, you should start charging it in time.

Misconception 5: Overcharge

overcharge phone

Many people don’t pull out the power after the phone is full of electricity, and they are used to charging before going to bed and pulling it down in the morning. In fact, it will keep the battery fully charged. Although it doesn’t explode, it will speed up the loss of battery capacity. If you use the original charger and charging line, it will automatically standby when it is filled with electricity. So, it is recommended not to overcharge.

Note: The charging temperature is not too high or too low, and the temperature has a certain effect on the battery. The low-temperature protection mechanism of the lithium battery can prevent the battery from a chemical reaction, so it can cause the battery to be unable to recharge or slow down. However, in a hot environment, the battery can be unstable and even explode.

Important: It is best to take off the cellphone case when charging. The main reason is that lithium batteries are quite afraid of heat. When charging, the phone will cause heat. So it is best to take off the phone case to charge.

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