How to View and Backup Windows 10 Product Key on Your Computer

View Windows 10 Product key

If you now need to use Windows 10 product key but forget where you kept it, this post will show you two methods of how to view and backup Windows 10 product key on your computer, which also…

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How to Pin a Website to Taskbar or Start Menu in Windows 10

Pin this page to start

If you visit a website frequently, you can pin the website to Windows taskbar or Start menu for easier access. Now, this post will show you how to pin a website to the taskbar or Start menu in…

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How to Disable Password Login when Windows 10 Starts or Wakes up

Disable password login

If you’ve created a password for your user account in Windows 10, password input will be required on the sign-in screen each time Windows 10 starts, restarts, or wakes up from Sleep mode. This guarantees a certain level…

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How to Clear or Disable File Explorer Search History in Windows 10

Clear search history

The search box on the upper-right corner of Windows File Explorer lets you search and quickly find the files/folders on your computer. By default, all your typed terms in the search box of File Explorer should be saved…

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4 Ways to Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

Access Advanced Startup

The Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10, is the screen from which you can troubleshoot operating system, start Windows into advanced modes such as safe mode, debugging mode, etc., and change other system settings. Normally, the Advanced Startup…

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2 Ways to Completely Uninstall Office 2016 in Windows 10

Uninstall Office program

In some cases, you may want to uninstall Microsoft Office 2016 and then reinstall it, for example, when Office 2016 apps can’t run properly due to file corruption or other errors. Now, this post shows you how to…

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How to Change Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper without Activation

Change desktop wallpapers

Normally, you need to first activate Windows 10 before you can personalize Windows 10. However, some of the tasks, such as changing desktop wallpaper, still can be done while the system is not activated. Now, this page will…

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How to Sign into Windows 10 If All Accounts Are Disabled

Sign in Windows 10

For some reason, if all user accounts in your Windows 10 are disabled, you won’t be able to sign into the system and will get an error message on the sign-in screen, which says, “Your account has been…

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3 Ways to Remove or Disable All Hyperlinks in Word 2016 Document

Disable All Hyperlinks

How do you remove all hyperlinks in a Word document at once? Here are three ways that you can do it. By default, when you type a web address in Word document, Word can identify the address and…

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2 Ways to Change or Set Default Web Browser in Windows 10

Change default web browser

By default, Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge as a default web browser. If you want to change that and set another web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox as your default browser, now read this…

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