Add Control Panel to Desktop and Start Menu in Windows 10

Although there are many ways you can access the Windows 10 Control Panel app, some of them are a slightly cumbersome, so you may want to add Control Panel to desktop and Start menu. Now, this post will show you…

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How to Change File Folder Icon in Windows 10

Folder icon is changed

All Windows including the latest Windows 10 use the same icons for all file folders by default. Generally, you would not want to change the file folder icons. However, if you have lots of file folders in the…

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Find Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key on Dell Inspiron Laptop

If you are using a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate pre-installed, and now you need to use the product key for system reinstallation or for other use, you can follow this post to find Windows 7…

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How to Make a Program Always Run as Administrator in Windows 10

Program Always Run as Administrator

Normally, if you want to run a program as administrator in Windows 10, you need to right click on the shortcut icon of the program, and then select Run as administrator option from the context menu, and confirm…

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2 Ways to Lock the Taskbar in Windows 10

Lock Windows taskbar

Locking the taskbar can fix the taskbar’s position so that you can’t be able to drag, move, or stretch the taskbar with your mouse. If you want to lock the taskbar in Windows 10, here are two ways…

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How to Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in Win +X Menu

replace powershell with command prompt

Do you find that PowerShell is now replacing Command Prompt in the new versions of Windows 10? In Windows 8 and the old version of Windows 10, Command Prompt is included by default in the menu when you…

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8 Ways to Go to the Settings App in Windows 10

Settings App in Windows 10

Settings is an important and commonly-used app in Windows 10. You can go to the Settings app to change some system preferences, program options, account info, and so on. There are at least eight ways you can open…

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How to Password Protect a PDF Document from Opening/Editing

Password protect PDF document

If you want to protect a PDF document from being opened, viewed, copied, or modified by unauthorized people, you can set a password for the PDF document so that the password will be required in order to open…

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How to Change Data File (.PST/.OST) Location in Outlook 2016

Change Outlook data file location

The default saving location of Outlook data files (.PST/.OST) in Windows is on the disk C if you haven’t changed it. If huge amounts of data are saved in your Outlook data files, they will occupy your system drive…

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How to Reset MSI Laptop Password Forgotten on Windows 7

Reset MSI laptop password

If you forgot login password for MSI laptop that runs Windows 7, take it easy. You don’t have to factory reset your laptop or reinstall Windows system. You can reset MSI laptop password with a password reset disk. Two…

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