Is There Any Need to Set Windows Login Password for Your Home Computer?

set login password for home computer

The birth of the computer has promoted the rapid development of our science and technology. Computers are now a necessity for everyone. Computers have brought us a lot of conveniences both for our daily use at home and for our office. Each of us likes to keep our privacy on our computers, such as saving our own photos, documents, and other personal information, but we are also afraid that people who are not allowed to look through our computer files at will. There are fears that some important documents will be leaked out. So here comes up some questions: Is it necessary to set up a Windows login password for our home computer? What are the inconveniences of setting a password? What are the potential dangers to a computer without setting a password? Next, I come for everybody to solve the confusion in the heart.

Is there any need to set the Windows login password for your home computer?

Everyone has different views and opinions on things, so now I will express my views from my own point of view, hoping to help everyone.

Opinion 1: It is necessary to set the Windows login password

set Windows login password

In the study and work, work data, personal files, chat records and so on are stored in the computer that you should be not willing to give others to see casually, especially when you leave the computer, unauthorized person quietly looked at your computer, this kind of feeling must be very sad! Therefore, in order to effectively avoid the above situation, I think it is necessary to set the password for the home computer, so as to avoid some data leakage. In addition, for families with small children, in order to avert children indulging on the Internet, it is necessary for parents to set up a password for their own computers. Because if children are addicted to online games for a long time, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of their children.

Note: Here’s a simpler way to set your computer’s boot password: Navigate to Start button > Control Panel > User Accounts > Create a password for your account > Input passwords twice.

What are the inconveniences of setting a password?

inconveniences of setting password

Nowadays, many people set up passwords on their computers to ensure their computer security and privacy. But most of the time, we get so excited that we forget our computer password, or we forget it because we haven’t used it for so long. Then this time will bring us some inconvenience. But it’s not that we can’t turn on the computer when we forget our password. Here is a practical article that introduces to you how to unlock the locked computer if you forget the login password.

Opinion 2: It is unnecessary to set the Windows login password

without setting Windows login password

The computer boot password is just a kind of protection for the internal data and resources of the computer. If you are a person who uses it at home, you don’t have to set up the password, because it’s a waste of time to log in your password when you start up, and even you set the password can be involved in a matter of remembering the password, there are a lot of people who forget their computer passwords now. If you set a password, you must remember it, so if these things on the computer are not important for you, you won’t need to set a password.

What are the potential dangers to a computer without setting a password?

potential dangers to computer without login password

First: If you don’t set the password, others can log on to your computer, which may lead to the disclosure of personal information and files on the computer.

Second: If you do not set a password, you can easily get infected with Trojan horses and worms, such as the recently popular “Panda Burning incense”, which takes advantage of a vulnerability in the local simple account password for remote implantation run. Therefore, it is recommended to install anti-virus software and firewalls in your computer to prevent computers from being infected by viruses and malware.

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