Is It Necessary to Install Antivirus Software?

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Under the background of information technology, computer network application is becoming more and more extensive, and the security of the computer is also the most important problem in the current social and economic development for people. Well, is it necessary to install antivirus software to ensure the safety of the computer? If you’re unsure of the answer to this question, in this post, I will outline my suggestion as detailed as possible below.

Option 1: It is necessary to install antivirus software.

The virus is a well-known computer attacker, it can harm your computer in different ways, such as fraud when you visit the website or download corruption file, these viruses can affect your system. You must have reliable antivirus software to protect your computer to avoid all these problems caused by viruses. So no matter how carefully you operate your computer, you still need active protection to protect your computer from malware. The best way to date is to install antivirus software.

1. Antivirus software is designed to detect and remove viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, and other malware.

remove viruses

2. Antivirus software provides real-time protection for your computer. It scans your system quickly to detect and delete infected files or programs. What’s more, it actively removes any malicious code detected. In addition, it allows you to arrange to scan your computer.

remove any malicious code detected

3. Antivirus software protects your online transactions by preventing malicious programs from recording what you type on your keyboard.

protect online transactions

A large number of viruses appear every day, making the Internet becomes a dangerous place. That’s why you need to install antivirus software to protect your PC. Make sure you have the best and reliable security software to protect your system.

Option 2: It is not necessary to install antivirus software.

Here comes up with a question about “If a computer does not install antivirus software, how to guarantee the security of the computer?”

I summed up my experience, if you can do the following, your computer will not be so easy to poison, it is still relatively safe.

1. You should be able to backup systems and software, and often backup important data. After backup, even all kinds of problems appear, there is nothing to be afraid of.

backup data and software

To make it easier for you to work, here are two related links to help you how to backup systems and critical data.

2. Resolutely do not download, install or run unknown software. It is safe to download software form a well-known download site or program’s official website. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to download the program from an unknown website.

do not download and run unknown software

3. Raise the security level of your browser.

raise browser security level

4. Start the Windows Defender.

start Windows Defender

The Windows Defender is free security software that comes with a computer system, which can be used to isolate and prevent spyware. It will not only scan system, diagnosis system for viruses, but also have the real-time protection function. Thus, it is necessary for you to regularly start Windows Defender to keep your computer safer.

  • Turn off network sharing and network neighbors.
  • You can install a VirtualBox to test unknown or temporary software.

To be honest, the system security level is already high. As long as you don’t go to porn sites or download unknown software, your computer won’t be poisoned. So you don’t need to install antivirus software. But if you know there is a risk, you’ll do the same. In fact, you install or do not install antivirus software, the computers will be poisoned.


Which options you choose that ultimately depends on your decision. But don’t think it won’t happen to you. That’s what it meant.

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