How to Protect Excel Workbook from Opening and Editing

protect excel workbook from opening

In a study or at work, Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used data handling software. It’s necessary to set a password to protect an Excel workbook that stores important and confidential data. Now from this article, you will learn how to protect Excel workbook from Opening and Editing.

Part 1: How to protect Excel workbook from opening

Add a Document Open Password for an Excel workbook so that all the users should type the correct password to open the workbook.

Step 1: In the opened Excel workbook, click on the File and select the Info. Click on the Protect Workbook button and select the Encrypt with Password from the expanded options.

Encrypt with Password
Step 2: Type your password in the “Encrypt Document” dialog and click OK. Type the password again in the “Confirm Password” dialog and click OK to confirm.

Type password
Then the Excel Workbook has been protected from opening. A password will be required to open this workbook.

Part 2: How to protect Excel workbook from editing

You can mark an Excel workbook as Final or add a password to protect the current sheet from being changed.

Way 1: Mark as Final

Step 1: Similarly click on the Protect Workbook button. Then select Mark as Final.

Mark as Final
Step 2: Click on OK to confirm.

Has been marked as final
Now, this Excel workbook has been marked as final to discourage editing. The users will be unable to edit in the cell. But there will be one yellow warning under the Excel toolbar. As long as the user clicks on the Edit Anyway, he can edit the Excel workbook. But the user had better not do this without the author’s permission if you are not the author.

Edit Anyway

Way 2: Protect the current sheet

Step 1: Click on the Protect Workbook button and select Protect Current Sheet.

Protect Current Sheet
Step 2: In the Protect Sheet dialog, type the password to protect the worksheet. Under the Allow all users of this worksheet to, you can select the options to decide what types of changes the users can make to the worksheet.

Type password to protect sheet
Step 3: Type the password again to confirm.

Confirm Password
Now, the Excel workbook has been protected from editing. Once you attempt to modify the cell, it will prompt the warning message to tell the cell is protected and read-only. Only removing the password from the protected Excel workbook, can you modify the cell.

Protected and Read-only

Another way to protect Excel workbook from opening and editing

Step 1: In an opened Excel workbook, click on File -> Save As.

Save as
Step 2: In the Save As dialog, click on the Tools button and select General Options.

General Options
Step 3: In the “General Options” dialog, you can set an Open password that protects the Excel workbook from opening and set a Modify password that protects the Excel workbook from editing.

Set Open password and Modify password

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