Occasionally, Windows 7 users can encounter the situation where they failed to login to system. Now here we explain how to fix Windows 7 login failed in the two common cases.

Case 1: How to fix Windows 7 login failed for “The user name or password is incorrect”


This often happens when the user forgot/lost the password. Then you just need to fix the login failed by password reset.

Option 1: Using Windows 7 password reset disk

Once login failed for typing incorrect password, a Reset Password link will appear under the Password filed. Click on the link and insert your previously created password reset disk into the computer. Then follow the guide to reset password. After that, you can login to Windows 7 with the new password.

Option 2: Using Windows 7 refixer disk

If failed login and you’ve forgotten Windows 7 password having no reset disk, you can burn Windows 7 Password Refixer into a USB or CD/DVD drive to instantly create a refixer disk. Then boot your computer from the refixer disk to reset Windows 7 password.

Step 1: Create Windows 7 Refixer disk

On another working computer download and install Windows 7 Password Refixer. Then launch the software. Follow its guide to burn it into a USB drive or CD/DVD flash drive. You can get a Windows 7 refixer disk when prompted Burning Successfully.

Burning Successfully

Step 2: Reset password to fix Windows 7 login failed

Connect the Refixer disk to your computer. Start or restart the computer and set computer to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD. Once computer boots up, select Windows 7 and the user then click on the Reset Password button. Reset password to blank when prompted. After that you can login to Windows 7 without password.

Reset password

Case 2: How to fix Windows 7 “The user profile service failed the login”

User Profile Service failed login

If you failed to login to Windows 7 being prompted the above messaged, you have to reboot your computer to fix the problem. If rebooting still can’t fix the problem, you have to login to your Windows 7 with another administrator account, or reboot your computer into safe mode to access to the built-in Administrator to fix the problem. For more details refer to How to fix The User Profile Service failed the logon from Microsoft.