How to Fix Messy Codes for CSV File in Excel 2016

Fix Excel CSV Messy Code

For some office workers, Excel is a kind of statistical software that is used a lot. Supposing you open a CSV file with Excel, and it turns out that there are messy codes in the CSV file. You have also tried to reopen the file several times, but the result is the same. What should you do? I think a lot of people have had such a problem when opening CSV files by excel, and that includes me. Never mind, you just do the following steps and you’ll know how to fix the problem of messy codes in Excel CSV file.

Tips: When you open an Excel file, Microsoft Excel attempts to automatically find the appropriate encoding. However, the CSV file usually does not have this information because they are just plain text. Therefore, you need to help Excel select the correct encoding to open the CSV file.

How to Fix the Problem of Messy Codes in Excel CSV File?

There are a variety of reasons for the messy code appears in Excel. But I can be sure that the CSV file appears the problem of messy codes is mainly caused by file encoding. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of messy codes in Excel CSV file, you can start by changing the file. Please follow the solution below.

Step 1: When a document in CSV format opened by Excel, you can see messy codes in it.

appear messy codes in-excel

Step 2: Close the CSV file, and open it by choosing Notepad.

open CSV file via notepad

Step 3: When the CSV file with messy codes is opened via Notepad, it’s also a bunch of messy codes.

a bunch of messy codes

Step 4: You can go to File > Save As options.

save as file

Step 5: Change the original file name (Excel file.csv) into Excel file 1234.csv. Choose UTF-8 as correct encoding and save the file.

choose UTF-8 as correct encoding

Step 6: After saving the file, open it with Excel. As you can see, the document displays normally.

normal document

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