3 Ways to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status

check activation lock status

If you buy a second-hand iPhone and find that it is protected by activation lock, it will be very annoying. After all, it is not an easy task to remove the activation lock without the previous owner’s Apple ID and password. Therefore, when buying a used iPhone, you should first check whether it has activation lock enabled. If so, you need to ask the seller to turn off the activation lock before you pay. In this article, we will show you three ways to check iCloud activation lock status.

Way 1: Check iCloud activation lock status within iPhone

If you have access to the iPhone, you can check the iCloud activation lock status from within the iPhone. What you need to do first is get to the iPhone’s Home screen and open the Settings. Then check the following.

1. If there is no Apple ID signed in, it means the iPhone has no activation lock.

2. If you see an Apple ID name at the top of the list, tap it, and then tap Find My to check the status of Find My iPhone. If Find My iPhone is On, it means activation lock is enabled. Otherwise, activation lock is disabled.

Way 2: Check if iPhone has activation lock from Hello screen

If the iPhone is showing a white screen that says Hello in different languages, it means that the iPhone has been reset to factory settings. In this case, you still need to check its iCloud activation lock status. What you need to do is open the iPhone and try to set it up. During the set-up process, you will know if the iPhone is protected by activation lock.

1. If you are allowed to set up the iPhone with any Apple ID, it means that the iPhone has no activation lock.

2. Otherwise, if you see the Activation Lock screen asking you to enter the Apple ID and password that were previously used to set up this iPhone, the iPhone is activation locked.

Way 3: Check iCloud activation lock status online

Some websites allow you to check the iCloud activation lock status through your iPhone’s serial number or IMEI.

1. First, get the iPhone’s serial number or IMEI.

2. Go to this site: https://imei24.com/check/iphone_icloud/, paste the iPhone’s IMEI or serial number into the input box, and then click Check.

3. After verifying that you are not a robot, you will get the iPhone’s activation lock status. The status of FMI represents the status of the activation lock.

Alternatively, you can go to iFreeiCloud to check if the iPhone’s activaiton lock status using the iPhone’s serial number or IMEI.

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