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Forgot Windows 10 Picture Password, What Should You Do

forgot picture password windows 10

Some users prefer to use Picture password to log in Windows 10 because compared with text password or PIN, it can be more secure. But one drawback of Picture password is that it is easy to forget. So…

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How to Reset Sony Vaio Laptop Password for Windows 8

sony vaio laptop password reset windows 8.1

“I forgot password on my Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled, what are my options?” You can do a password reset (the best solution), factory reset or system reinstallation (only as a last resort). As factory reset…

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4 Ways to Open Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 10

open command prompt as administrator

Sometimes we need to open Command Prompt as an administrator to get certain information about the computer or change some settings. This page shows you four simple and quick ways to open Command Prompt as an administrator in…

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5 Options to Sign out of Windows 10

sign out of windows 10

People who first use Windows 10 may have no idea how to sign out the current user. In the previous versions of Windows, you can easily find Log off button included in Shut down button or Power button…

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How to Change Lock Screen in Windows 10

change windows 10 lock screen

When using Windows 8.1/8 and the latest Windows 10, the automatic lock screen must have attracted your attention, which can display when Windows boots up, screen leaves idle for a while. Generally, it displays defaulted background picture and…

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11 Different Ways to Access Control Panel on Windows 10

open control panel windows 10

Control Panel is a commonly-used desktop app in Windows 10, which is accessible via the Start menu. It allows users to view and make basic system settings, such as deleting software, control user accounts, and so on. There…

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2 Ways to Make a Password Reset USB Drive for Windows 10

make windows 10 password reset usb

If you have created a password for the user on your Windows 10, it is recommended that you prepare a USB password reset disk in advance, in case one day you forget your password and cannot log in…

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How to Free up Disk Space in Windows10/8/7

free up disk space

If you find that your computer starts slowing down, or if you find that your Disk C (System Disk) is showing a red bar, that indicates your disk has insufficient space and you have to free up your…

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How to Set Virtual Memory in Windows 8

set virtual memory in windows 8

Virtual memory is a technology of memory management in Windows system. Many problems can be solved through setting virtual memory; for instance, Windows 8/8.1 gets stuck at the Windows logo page when it starts and you can do…

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How to Add User to Local Administrator Group in Windows

add user to administrator group

Generally, in Windows, a user account belonging to the administrator group is called an administrator account. As we know, only the administrator account has full rights to control the Windows computer, while the standard accounts and guest accounts…

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