Author: Darren

How to Turn on/off ClearType Text in Windows 10

cleartype text

ClearType, a screen font-smoothing tool designed by Microsoft for making Windows fonts more beautiful and clearly readable on LED monitors, is turned on by default in Windows 10/8/7. However, ClearType text has different display effects on different kinds…

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5 Ways to Open Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 10

local group policy editor

Sometimes, we need to access the Windows local group policy editor to configure settings, fix problems, or perform some other tasks. Now, this post shows five ways to open local group policy editor in Windows 10. You can…

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6 Ways to Access Registry Editor in Windows 10

open registry editor

Ordinary users may hardly use the registry editor, but advanced users may usually need to access Windows Registry Editor to perform some tasks. Now, this post shows you six ways to access registry editor in Windows 10. 6 ways to…

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How to Disable/Enable Control Panel in Windows 10

disable or enable control panel in windows 10

Normally, you can easily access the Control Panel in Windows 10 without restrictions. However, occasionally you may want to hide or disable Control Panel app to prevent others from accessing it to accidentally change your PC settings. Yes,…

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How to Disable Access to Registry Editor in Windows 10

disable access to registry editor windows 10

As is known to all, Registry is a critical part in Windows 10 and any other Windows system. Improper actions on Registry may directly cause system/program failure. That’s why you are advised to backup Windows 10 Registry before…

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How to Turn off System/App Notification Sounds in Windows 10

turn off notification sounds in windows 10

When you insert a USB stick, connect a cell phone, install apps, change system preferences, or do some other actions in Windows 10, by default it will play sounds in notifications center to alert you. The sounds can…

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Change Background/Text Color of Command Prompt in Windows 10

change text and background color in command prompt

The Command Prompt window in all Windows versions including Windows 10 uses a black background and light gray text. If you want to change the plain-old color and add some other colors to make your Command Prompt window…

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How to Disable Read Only in Excel 2016

disable read-only in excel 2016

If an author has made an Excel 2016 spreadsheet read-only to protect it from being modified by others but now you want to remove the read-only mode, read this page to learn how to disable read-only in Excel…

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Forgot Password to Open/Modify Office Document, What to Do

forgot office document password

Security conscious people usually set passwords to encrypt Office files that contain critical data. However, it will cause you to be unable to open or modify an Office document if you forget or lose the password. Then what…

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How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet Read Only in Office 2016

make excel spreadsheet read-only

When you share one Excel workbook/spreadsheet with others, you may do not want the spreadsheet to be modified arbitrarily by unauthorized persons. If so, you can make the spreadsheet read-only to discourage others’ editing. Now this page will…

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