Normally, if you want to run a program as administrator in Windows 10, you need to right click on the shortcut icon of the program, and then select Run as administrator option from the context menu, and confirm the popup UAC (User Account Control) dialog.

It is a slightly cumbersome process. Then is there any easier way to make a program always automatically run as administrator in Windows 10? Now this page will show you one useful trick to do this.

Make a program always automatically run as administrator in Windows 10

If you want a program built-in or installed in Windows 10 to always automatically run as administrator by double-clicking on its shortcut icon, you need to set the properties for this program’s desktop shortcut. Here are the specific steps.

Tips: If the program already has a shortcut icon on the desktop, skip the Step 1 and directly go the Step 2. Some built-in programs (such as Control Panel, Command Prompt, etc.) have no desktop shortcut by default, so you need to firstly follow the Step 1 to create a desktop shortcut for the program.

Step 1: Create a desktop shortcut for the program

(1). Right click on Windows 10 desktop, and then select New > Shortcut.

(2). In the ”Create Shortcut” wizard, type the location of the program you want to always run as administrator, and click Next. In the screenshot below, we take Command Prompt as an example.

Type location of the program

(3). Type a name for the shortcut for easier identification, and click Finish.

Type name for the shortcut

After creating a desktop shortcut for the program, the next step is to set the shortcut properties to make the program always automatically run as administrator.

Step 2: Set properties for the shortcut

(1). Right click on the desktop shortcut icon of the program and select Properties from the menu.

Select Properties

(2). In the Properties dialog, select the shortcut tab, and then click the Advanced button.

(3). In the Advanced Properties dialog, check the checkbox next to Run as administrator, and click OK. Finally, click Apply and OK.

Check Run as administrator

From now on, you just need to double click on the program’s desktop shortcut and confirm the UAC dialog, then the program will automatically run as administrator. This saves your clicks of the mouse. If you want to make it simpler to run a program as administrator, you can disable the User Account Control dialog. However, it’s a not a very good idea to do so, from a security perspective.