Why Does iPhone Battery Icon Turn Yellow, Red, Green, White, and Black?

iPhone batter icon color changed

Why does my battery icon can switch from black to white or vice versa? iPhone battery is yellow not white, black not green, is there anything going wrong? If you ever had such a question, you are not alone. Many people also don’t understand exactly what determines the color of the iPhone battery icon. This post will offer an explanation of why different color might occur, and what the battery color indicator on your iPhone.

The battery icon at the top-right corner of your iPhone screen provides a visual indication of the amount of battery life that you have left. The color of the battery icon gives you useful information if you know what it means. It’s important to understand what these icons mean and what you should do when you see them. In at least one case, it can save your iPhone from serious damage.

Why does my iPhone battery switch from white to black?

It is because the color of the Home screen has been changed. Your iPhone will automatically choose black or white for your regular battery icon based on the color behind it. The color of the icon is the one that provides the most contrast with the color behind it.

You can experiment with this fact by adjusting the color of your wallpaper. You can experiment with this fact by adjusting the color of your wallpaper. Or you can see the following screenshot. You can notice that the battery icon is white when you are in a dark background. While it turns to black if you are using an app with a bright background.

iPhone battery icon white black switch

iPhone Battery Color Explanation

You may have previously wondered why your iPhone battery icon is yellow and discovered that it was due to enabling low-power mode. If your phone battery is low it will turn to red, it warns you that it is time to charge it.

Yellow battery icon: power-saving mode

The battery icon turns yellow. This indicates that your phone is running in power saving mode. When you enable Low Power Mode, it can extend your battery life for an extra few hours by turning off unnecessary features and settings to squeeze as much life as possible out of your battery. How many hours it can add to for when turn on Low Power Mode? Apple says it adds up to 3 hours of use.

Power saving mode

Red battery icon: Time to recharge

When the iPhone battery turns red, which is telling you that its battery is very low, often, it is below 10% and needs to be recharged. If you’re not able to charge it right away, you should enable Low Power Mode and adjust some settings to prolonger the usage of battery life. If you’re always on the go and can’t always charge your phone, it might be worth buying a power bank to make sure you don’t run off battery power.

Low battery

Green battery icon: Charging

Seeing a green battery icon on the top corner of the screen is good news. It means your iPhone’s battery is charging. If you see that icon, your iPhone is plugged in or have at least 80% power.

Battery charged

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