Why Does Computers Displayer Appear Black Screen?

computer displayer becomes black screen

Computers have become the most commonly used tools in our daily life. No matter it is for office work, playing games or watching movies, we can’t live without it. I believe many people have encountered the situation of the computer suddenly becomes black screen in the process of working, especially when important documents have not been saved, the computer appears black screen often makes people crazy, so why does the computer displayer appear black screen? What are the reasons and solutions for computer displays the black screen?

Why does computers displayer appear black screen?

Although the computer is constantly being upgraded and the hardware and functions of the computer are improving in all aspects, but in the process of using the computer, there will still be some small problems caused by the human abnormally operating computers. For example, the computer displays a black screen, in fact, this phenomenon is very common, the reason for the computer black screen is no more than software and hardware issues.

1. Displayer problem

Displayer problem

You can turn on the displayer power alone, confirm whether the displayer is broken and see if it is normal. (Try connecting the displayer to another host if conditions permit.) If not, it is that the displayer is out of order. It is recommended that you can change the displayer.

2. Displayer connection wire problem

Displayer connection wire problem

The probability of damage to the displayer connection line is very small. Generally, it is possible to check whether the connection wire is loose or not to cause bad contact.

3. Bios Settings error

Bios Settings error

Sometimes, the black screen of a computer is due to a setup error in Bios. We can try to open the host and empty the Bios Settings. Before the operation, you need to disconnect the mainframe power. Find a button-sized thing on the motherboard, it’s a Bios battery. There is usually a fixed spring in the outer ring of the battery. By holding down the spring, you can take out the Bios battery from the mainboard and place it for a few minutes, and then put it back. Finally, connect the power to the host machine and see if it can be turned on normally.

4. Memory bank problem

Memory bank problem

If the above method of clearing Bios Settings cannot solve the problem, we can see if it is a memory fault. In many cases, the reason for the black screen may be that the memory sticks are dirty overtime or the gold fingers are oxidized. At this moment. You need to disconnect the mainframe power supply and open the host panel, find oblong memory bank on the mainboard and take down it, then you can use an eraser to rub the memory bar hard, especially the golden finger part. After cleaning the oxide layer, install it into the motherboard, and then boot to see if there is a beeping alarm. If so, it could be a memory problem. If all goes well, you should be able to see the boot screen at this time.


The above is the reason analysis and solution of the black screen of the computer I have brought to you. After you have seen it, you don’t need to be afraid of the black screen of the computer. Although the computer program is complex, the reasons for the black screen are these, as long as you find the root of the problem, it will be much easier to solve. However, people should also pay attention to the maintenance of computers in the process of using them, such as regularly cleaning up the computer garbage, regularly killing viruses, and to the maximum extent avoiding computer failures.

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