In Windows 7/8, if you want to protect some sensitive folders from missing and accidental deletion, it should be a good way to hide them. Then just unhide them if you need to view or open the folders again. However, it doesn’t need any third-party software, because Windows itself has the feature. Now let’s learn how to hide and unhide folders in Windows 7/8 if you haven’t know it yet.

Two ways to hide and unhide folders in Windows 7/8

Way 1: Hide and unhide folders in Windows 7/8 Folder Options

Part 1: How to hide folders

Step 1: Open any one folder. Click Tools-> Folder Options.

folder options
Step 2: In the Folder Options dialog, click on the View tab. Navigate to Hidden files and folders and check Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives. Then click on the Apply and OK button to save changes.

Show hidden folders
Step 3: Right click on the folder you want to hide, and select Properties.
Step 4: In the General tab check Hidden. Then click on the Advanced button.

hide sheet
Step 5: Select the options under Archive and Index attributes depending on your needs. The click on OK.

Advanced attributes
Step 6: You are back to the Properties dialog. Click on the Apply button. Confirm attribute changes when prompted.

Confirm changes
Finally, close the Properties dialog. Now you have hidden the selected folder.

Part 2: How to unhide folders

Open any one folder. Click Tools->Folder Options. Folder Options dialog box opens. Select the View tab and check Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Then click on Apply button so that all the hidden folders, files, and drives should be visible again.

don't show hidden folders

Way 2: Hide and unhide folders in Windows 7/8 using Bath script file

With Bath script file you can use password to hide a folder.

Part 1: Hide folders

Step 1: Create one new folder in any one location on your Windows 7/8. In the new folder create a new Text document. Type the following code into the Text document’s contents. Change the iSumsoft2012 to your password.

Type codes
Step 2: Click on File->Save As. Select All Files type and name it locker.bat, then click on Save to save it as a locker.bat file.

save as Bath file
Step 3: Double click on the locker.bat file to run it. It will immediately create a Private folder.
Step 4: Put your folders you need to hide into the Private folder. Then double click on the locker.bat file to run it again. Press Y key and hit Enter when asked if you want to lock the folder.

lock folder
Then you can see the Private folder quickly disappear leaving only the locker.bat file. Now you’ve hidden the folder.

Part 2: How to unhide the folder

Double click on the locker.bat to run it. The type the password to make the hidden folder visible.

unhide folder