How to Do If the Computer Case Leaks Electricity

computer case leaks electricity

As we all know, the most important part of the desktop computer is a computer case, it is an important part of driving desktop computers run. There is a certain voltage in the computer case, its voltage value is generally below 12 volts. Therefore, general computer leakage will not cause harm to the human body.

However, we often feel numb with electricity once touched the computer case, which will also make us feel uncomfortable. If it is serious, it will also lead to the risk of personal injury and deadly accidents. Therefore, we should stop and repair it immediately, so that the computer case can’t leak electricity.

If you want to solve the situation of electricity leakage, find out the reason first, then what is the reason for electricity leakage in the computer case? How to solve these problems? Now let’s take a look at the reasons and solutions for electricity leakage in the computer case.

What is the reason for electricity leakage in the computer case?

The internal reasons lead to electricity leakage in the computer case

internal reasons lead to electricity leakage

It is the most common case that the computer case leaks electricity due to internal reasons, so which hardware in the computer box is vulnerable to leakage? For example, the power supply is the most likely to cause electricity leakage in the computer case: improper disassembly and installation of power supply, excessive use of power supply, or bad weather environment such as humidity, which damages the good performance of the power supply itself, and the leakage of electricity will also occur. Another is that the mainboard is also prone to leakage if it is not installed in place.

In fact, the leakage of electricity in the computer case often appears on some computers that have been used for a long time, because the internal power of the new computer case is relatively normal, and generally there will be no leakage of electricity. It is more common that the electric leakage is caused by too much dust and dampness inside the power supply. The power supply is usually close to the computer case, so it is easy for old computers to leak electricity.

The external reasons lead to leakage of electricity in the computer case

external reasons lead to electricity leakage

In some cases, the leakage of electricity in the computer case may not be caused by the mainboard or the power supply inside the computer case. Maybe the leakage of electricity in the computer case is caused by external reasons, such as the computer case is placed too close to other electrical appliances or the computer case touches the broken wires and so on, which leads to leakage of electricity. For the leakage of electricity caused by external reasons, the solution is very simple. When we find leakage in the case, we can check whether there are any electrical appliances or wires near the computer case and move it to the next position.

How to do if computer case leaks electricity

Inspect electric socket

Inspect electric socket

When we find electricity leakage, we first need to confirm whether the electric socket we use has a good grounding design. If not, please replace it immediately (including the more common wall socket in the home). If it has a good grounding, which can minimize the damage and loss even if the power leakage is generated.

Check wire material

Check wire material

Open the computer case to check whether the wiring inside and outside the case is damaged and if the metal part of the wire material is exposed and touches other parts and the box. If both of the above situations are available, please replace them immediately. Or directly choose the nylon mesh wrapped wire material, which can also play a better insulation effect.

Tear down the power supply

Tear down the power supply

Disconnect and tear down the power supply to see if the EMI circuit of the power supply is complete, whether the plastic film or mica film between the spacer element and the metal shell of the power supply has the function of losing insulation, whether the internal capacitance of the power supply has explosive slurry, and so on. If so, you can create a high-temperature resistant plastic film, forming a shielding barrier between the components and the power supply shell. If it cannot be solved, replace the power supply immediately.

Check PCB circuit board

Check PCB circuit board

Check whether the PCB circuit board inside the computer case is deformed or not, and check whether the PCB circuit board and the wire material on the connecting circuit board have a situation of insulation failure, element short circuit and burn down. If so, repair or replace the PCB circuit board and the wire material with simple electrical knowledge and electrical tools.

Place computer case in a dry position

Place computer case in dry position

It is recommended to place the computer case in a relatively dry and clean position to avoid the short circuit of wire caused by the humid environment. It is suggested that clean up the dust of every hardware inside the computer case regularly. After the dust is damp, it may also conduct electricity, so it is recommended to clean the dust once a year, which not only helps to reduce the leakage of electricity in the computer case but also helps to dissipate heat inside the computer case and improve the service life of computer parts.


Through the analysis of the reasons for the electricity leakage of the computer case and the detailed introduction of the solution, you know what to do when you meet this situation. If all the above methods can’t help you solve the problem, it is suggested that you send the computer to the professional repair shop, and ask the repair master to help solve it!

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