7 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Computer Radiation

prevent yourself from computer radiation

In our daily life, we use computers more and more frequently. I believe many friends who use computers often worry about computer radiation in many cases. After all, computer radiation is very bad for the skin and other aspects, especially for pregnant women. Next, I will introduce some methods to you on how to prevent yourself from computer radiation.

7 Ways to prevent yourself from computer radiation

Way 1: Clean computer screen

clean computer screen

Before using the computer every day, use special cleaning fluid to wipe the computer screen. This is to remove the particles on the screen caused by static electricity. Because those particles that are attached to the screen increase the amount of radiation.

Way 2: Put some aquatic plants in front of the computer

put aquatic plants in front of computer

Put some aquatic plants in front of the computer, such as lucky bamboo or Bunting, which can not only absorb radiation, green leaves also relieve the effect of visual fatigue. In addition, cactus and other plants also have the function of absorbing radiation.

Way 3: Eat more bananas

eat more bananas

If you have to sit in front of the computer every day and work for a long time, it is recommended that you take some fruit to supplement your vitamins. For example, we can eat one banana every day. The potassium contained in the banana can help us expel excess salt from our body so that our body can reach the balance of potassium and sodium. It can also effectively alleviate the fatigue of eye cells. Eating more bananas can effectively help us protect our eyes.

Way 4: Adjust the brightness of the computer screen

adjust brightness of computer screen

When using the computer, it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the screen. If the screen is too bright, it is recommended to turn down the brightness of the computer screen to reduce the stimulation of light to the eyeball. However, it should not be too dark, so as to avoid eye fatigue. It would be better to wear a pair of radiation-proof glasses.

Generally speaking, the brighter the screen is, the more the computer radiation will be, and vice versa.

Way 5: Keep the room ventilated

keep room ventilated

In the room where we use the computer, we must keep the room well ventilated. Scientific studies have shown that a computer screen can produce a substance called “brominated diphenylfuran“, which can cause cancer in severe cases. Therefore, we must keep the room ventilated smoothly when using the computer to reduce the presence of brominated diphenylfuran. If conditions are available, it is best to install a ventilator in the room in which the computer is placed.

Way 6: Do some exercise

do some exercise

For example, you can do head rotation and shoulder rotation. Because you sit in front of the computer for a long time without exercise, not only will the blood circulation and lymph circulation of the whole body be affected, but also your cerebral cortex also feels tired and it’s hard to work at your best. So it’s recommended that you get up and move for 10 minutes every hour, while you can make yourself a cup of green tea or stretch.

Way 7: Wash your face every three hours

wash face every three hours

Because the closest to the computer screen is your face. Tiny facial pores are easily blocked by particles gathered around the computer due to static electricity, the skin can only make the pores bigger and bigger in order to continue breathing, resulting in the facial skin becoming rougher and rougher, often with acne, which is certainly not the result you want. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your face every 3 hours and then apply moisturizer to your skin.


The above are some of the methods to prevent computer radiation. I believe that you should have an understanding of how to prevent yourself from computer radiation through my brief introduction. Finally, the warm reminder everyone: We do not often stay indoors, not to be opposite the computer for a long time, we can use our free time to do more exercise. Of course, we should drink more water at ordinary times to prevent dry skin and increase the body’s resistance.

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