4 Ways to Remove Viruses from USB Flash Drive

remove viruses from USB flash drive

I recently found viruses on my USB flash drive that hides all the files on the drive and creates commands called “*.ink”, “*.inf”. Aware that USB is infected with viruses or malware is annoying and worrying, is there any way to remove USB viruses?

USB flash drive is a kind of removable storage device. We usually access the USB flash drive by connecting a USB flash drive to the computer port. When a computer is infected by viruses from visiting a suspicious website, installing malicious software, etc., the USB flash drive is vulnerable to viruses when plugged into the infected computer. That is, the USB flash drive gets infected with the same viruses as the computer.

In this guide, we will introduce you to four methods that help to remove the viruses from your USB drive permanently. All four of these are easy to implement, so let’s take a look at how they work.

4 ways to remove viruses from USB flash drive

There are four ways that are as follows. Just to do this.

Way 1: Remove viruses from USB flash drive by using Command Prompt

Now, most viruses now have names like “Autorun. Inf”, “svchost. Exe”, “Ravmon. Exe”, “Heap41a”. You can try the most basic way to clear them, such as running the Command Prompt. Here is to teach you how to use the Command Prompt to quickly remove these viruses from your USB flash drive.

Open Run dialog box by pressing Win+R keys, type cmd and click OK or Enter button.

type cmd

In Command Prompt window, input your USB drive letter and press Enter. If your USB drive letter is H, please type in H: and then press Enter. Execute the following commands separately and press Enter.

  • del autorun.inf
  • del svchost.exe
  • del Ravmon.exe
  • del Heap41a
input drive letter

After performing the above commands, which will remove these viruses from the USB flash drive. Finally, close the command prompt.

Way 2: Remove viruses from USB flash drive by using antivirus software

Use antivirus software to scan for USB viruses. If your USB drive is infected by viruses, you can use anti-virus software to remove the malicious virus. Let’s see how it works.

Choose Start > Computer (for Windows 7) or click This PC (for Windows 10). Then right-click the removable drive and select Scan.

select Scan

Next, you will see antivirus software scanning your infected USB drive, you just need to wait until you clean up your malicious virus.

scan infected USB drive

If you don’t have antivirus software installed on your computer, please download a well-known anti-malware program.

Way 3: Remove viruses from USB flash drive by formatting USB drive

After removing the virus from the drive, if there are no important files on your USB drive, you can choose to format your USB drive. Formatting your USB drive will remove all existing content from the USB drive, including personal data, viruses or malware, providing you with a clean, virus-free device. The following tutorial shows you how to format a USB drive.

Step 1: Insert the USB flash drive into the computer, and the computer detects it.

Step 2: Open the Computer or launch This PC, right-click the USB flash drive and choose the Format option from the context menu.

select Format option

Step 3: You will be able to see a window pop up. It displays the storage capacity and file system. By default, it can be either FAT32 or NTFS and then click the Start button.

choose Start option

Step 4: At this time, it will pop up a warning box to remind you that formatting will erase ALL data on this disk, click OK button to confirm.

click OK button

Step 5: When the formatting process is complete, the USB viruses are removed, you can eject the USB flash drive.

Way 4: Remove viruses from USB flash drive by erasing USB flash drive

If you have important files on your USB drive, such as confidential company and customer information, you may need to use a professional erase tool to erase USB flash drive, like iSumsoft FileZero. This tool can not only remove the USB viruses and malicious software can also help you erase any sensitive information to ensure that viruses or malware will no longer be hidden inside the USB flash drive and ensure that all data are safe to delete, and never use any data recovery software to recover. Here, we’ll show you how to help you permanently remove data and viruses from your USB flash drive and get the job done as soon as possible, giving you the best user experience.

Let’s see how to remove USB viruses by erasing USB flash drive:

Step 1: Download and install iSumsoft FileZero on your computer.

Step 2: Launch it and then click Add button, this shows you an “Open” dialog, select all data you want to permanently erase in the Open window.

select all data

Step 3: Here, it is recommended that you select the Slow Mode option because the data will be erased thoroughly and will never be recovered. At last, click the Delete button.

choose Delete button

Step 4: When popping up a Warning dialog prompting you that the deleted files cannot be recovered with software or other ways, click OK to confirm.

confirm to delete

Step 5: Wait for the deleting process to complete. Once completed, all your content, including personal data, viruses or malware on your USB drive is permanently erased, making it unrecoverable.

See this Video Tutorial: 4 Ways to Remove Viruses from USB Flash Drive

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