Workbook Protection Refixer FAQ

What can Workbook Protection Refixer do for me?

A: It can help you to remove sheet & workbook protection passwords in Excel and unprotect Excel sheet & workbook.

What types of passwords can it remove?

A: It can remove sheet protection password, workbook protection password, and read-only password (Password to Modify) in Excel file.

Can it remove the Open password in Excel file?

A: No. If you need to remove the Open password in an Excel file, you can use iSumsoft Excel Password Remover

What Excel file type does it support?

A: It supports Excel 2007-2016 workbook (*.xlsx) file. If your Excel file is in *.xls format, you need to open the Excel file and then save it as a *.xlsx file before you can use this software.

Will the contents in my Excel workbook be seen or lost?

A: No. We 100% guarantee the data safety.

How long does it take to remove Excel sheet & workbook protection?

A: Just one second, sheet & workbook protection passwords will be removed at once.

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