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Recommend Google Driver Plug-in for Office

Recently, Google launched a new plug-in for Microsoft Office that gives you access to all of your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in Google Drive right from Microsoft’s desktop apps. The plug-in lets you save files directly to Google Drive, so you can also edit doc. files in Google’s online apps.


Install the Drive plug-in

Before your organization can use the Drive plug-in, it must be installed on users’ computers. There are two installation options:

  • 1. Push an .msi file to your users or let them use the Run Advertised Programs option in the Windows Control Panel. For information on implementing the .msi file, consult your Windows documentation. Download the enterprise msi.
  • 2. Let users download the plug-in.

Use google drive plug-in for office

To use the Drive plug-in, you need to enable the Google Drive app setting for your organization. This allows the Drive plug-in to access and open files in Google Drive.

  • Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  • Click Apps > Google Apps > Drive to open Drive settings.
  • Click General settings to expand the settings group.
  • In the Drive section, check Allow users to install Google Drive apps. use-google-drive-plug-in

Frankly speaking, I feel like using the Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office. With this plug-in, you can use the apps you’re already comfortable with, while benefitting from the security and convenience of Google Drive.