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Use Office Tab for Productive Work in Word/ Excel/PowerPoint

Office Tabs is a powerful office add-in, which can be used to view, edit and manage documents, workbooks or presentations etc. Office Tab makes Office program easy to use. Here is a guide on how to use Office tab in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

How to Add Tab into Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

With Office Tabs, you can manage multiple documents within a single window easily and quickly. Microsoft Office has not supported tabbed view by itself yet. Use these steps to add tab into Office program.

Step 1: Download and Install Office Tab.

Click this link to download Office Tab. Then click Setup.exe to run this installation.

Download and install Office Tab

Step 2: Enable Tabs for Word/Excel/PowerPoint

When it installs finished, Office Tab Center window will appear, you can make some change about the Tab setting. Make sure the Enable Tabs for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, were checked.


Step 3: Click on OK button, then restart your office application, you can enjoy this tab.

Tip: You can quickly create new document by double-clicking the left button on the blank space of the tab bar

Enable and use Office tab

Customizing Office Tab

Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint, click on Office Tab, then click Office Center Options.

Open Office Center Options

1. You may change the appearance of tabs, in the opening window, click Style & Color.

To change the color of Tabs: Right-click on Tab, select Tab Color in the menu, then choose the color you like.

2. To change the position of Office. In General & Position tab, under select tab bar position.

Change the position of tab bar

Tip: Most of time the Developer Tab is hidden, and we can't find out it in the Ribbon quickly. Please do not worry about! Link here: how to show the developer tab on the ribbon.