How to Clone SSD to a New/Larger SSD in Windows 10 Laptop

clone SSD to a new SSD

“Last week I found that the operating system and computer run slower when SSD space is insufficient. I want to clone my SSD to a larger SSD. Is there any solution to upgrade the small SSD to a bigger SSD?”

To optimize the efficiency of the computer or speed up the operating system, it is necessary to migrate or clone the old SSD data, including the system to a larger SSD. Are you copying and pasting files and programs one by one into another SSD? If so, the replication and backup will take much time and effort.

In fact, you can find a more convenient and reliable way to do it! Here, a professional disk clone software – iSumsoft Cloner can help you quickly clone your original system and all applications to the new SSD without reinstalling them on a larger SSD. Take a look at the tutorial below.


  • An SSD
  • A USB-to-SATA adapter
  • A Windows cloning tool

4 steps to clone SSD to a new/larger SSD in Windows 10 laptop

Step 1: Connect a larger SSD to your laptop

Connect your SSD drive to the USB-to-SATA adapter, and then connect the adapter with the USB cable to the socket of the laptop. At this point, your laptop will detect your connected SSD drive as an external hard drive.

connect a larger SSD to laptop

Step 2: Initialize your SSD drive

1. Open the Disk Management in your Windows 10 laptop.

2. An Initialize Disk dialog will be shown to ask you to initialize a disk. Select the SSD disk (Disk 1) and choose MBR or GPT partition style for the selected disk, then click OK button to continue.

initialize a SSD disk

3. Right-click the SSD disk (Disk 1) and select New Simple Volume option. Then follow the New Simple Volume Wizard to specify the disk space and drive letters for the SSD drive. In addition, you can divide SSD drives into two or more partitions as needed.

select New Simple Volume option

Step 3: Clone SSD to another SSD drive

1. Install and launch iSumsoft Cloner after downloading it from the iSumsoft official website.

2. Click the Copy option in the left menu. Select the Windows 10 system partition (C drive) as the source target and choose any one SSD partition as the destination target.

choose partition to copy data

3. Click the Start button and a small box will be popped out to remind you to copy the data. Please note that during the copy process, the data in the destination target will be formatted, so it is recommended to select an empty SSD as the target, or you can back up the destination target data in advance if there are important files and data. If you are fully prepared, you can click the OK button to confirm the copying operation.

confirm the copying operation

Tips: When the destination target is GPT format, it is necessary to allocate a FAT partition first before doing the copying operation.

4. When the copying operation is completed successfully, the software will pop up a small box that is written with “Mission completed!” prompt. It proves that you have successfully cloned the SSD to another SSD.

system is copied successfully

Step 4: Install the new SSD to replace the original SSD

  • 1. Turn off your laptop, then disconnect the power cables and any other cables that are connected.
  • 2. Prepare the new SSD with the copied system and data.
  • 3. Take out the hard drive caddy tray from the laptop.
  • 4. Take out the old mechanical SSD.
  • 5. Install the new SSD to the hard drive caddy tray.
  • 6. Push it into the CD-ROM drive of the laptop.

Step 5: Boot your laptop from the SSD drive

After restarting your computer, it’s time for you to enter the BIOS settings by pressing the required keys to set your laptop to boot from the SSD with the copied system and data.


Overall, with the help of iSumsoft cloning software, cloning from the old SSD to the new SSD is really not difficult and trouble, the most important is that the laptop OS and computer speed become faster and smoother than before. It is very worthy of cloning to a larger SSD. So why not use it to help you clone into larger SSD? Please give it a try and it will give you a different experience than any other software on the market.

Take a look at the Video Tutorial: How to Clone SSD to a New/Larger SSD in Windows 10 Laptop

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