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How to Unlock a BitLocker Encryption USB Drive

Protect the data on your USB drive via using BitLocker drive encryption is a smart action, which ensure personal information is unavailable to access to view, copy or edit by others. In order to help you use the data in encrypted flash drive without any trouble, this article will introduce how to unlock a BitLocker encrypted USB drive.

Remove BitLocker Encryption from Removable Device

Insert the drive into a USB port on your PC, wait for Windows to recognize it.


Tip 1: If computer couldn’t detect it, refer to this article Fix USB Device Can't be Recognized by Computer.

Step 1: When it recognized by computer, there's prompting that the drive is BitLocker protected. Click the Unlock drive message.


Or you can go to Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption to turn off Bitlocker protection.


Step 2: Enter your BitLocker password, and then click More options.


Tip 2: If you want stop it asking for password each time you plug it in, you can select automatically unlock on this PC in the More options section. More methods to enable or disable BitLocker auto-unlock for drive.


Step 3: Click Unlock button after making your selection.

Tip 3:

1. If the password is incorrectly, you’ll receive an error.


2. Retype your password again.


3. If you forget the password, you can still recover it by using BitLocker recovery key you previously saved or reset a forgotten password.