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Remove a Write-Protection from USB Drive via Regedit.exe

This tutorial will show you how to remove write-protected USB drive in the Registry using Registry Editor.

Remove a Write Protected USB Flash Drive in Registry Editor

Step 1: Open Registry Editor.

Press Windows key, type regedit in search box, then hit Enter key.

Open Registry editor

Step 2: Then navigate to the following key:


Tip: If you can't find StorageDevicePolicies under Control key, you can create it manually. See in next part.

Step 3: In the right pane of StorageDevicePolicy, double-click on WriteProtect to modify it.

Modify Write Protection value data

Step 4: To remove write protection, change Value data from 1 to 0, click OK.

Set value data as 0

Value data = 1, it means that Yes, write protect my USB storage device.

Value data = 0, it means that No, don't write protect my USB storage device.

To Create Storage Device Policies Registry Key, here's how:

If the Storage Device Policies key is missing from your registry, try to create it by yourself.

1. In Registry Editor, Navigate to registry key below: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.

2. right-click Control key, and select New > Key, named StorageDevicePolicies.

Create storage device policy key

3. On the right panel of StorageDevicePolicies, right-click and select New DWORD and give it name as WriteProtect.

Create write protect DWORD