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How to Disable Windows 10/7 Automatic Maintenance Manually

Automatic Maintenance is so helpful that you can select and change the time of day to run scheduled maintenance tasks, even it can keep your system in good working condition. But in some cases, you might want to disable it if you did something wrong. In this text, we will try our best to provide a solution for you. Please learn about how to disable Automatic maintenance in Windows 10/7.

To disable Windows 10/7 Automatic Maintenance. Here's how:

For Windows 10:

Step 1: Open Security and Maintenance window.

1. Launch Control Panel in Windows 10.

2. In Control Panel, if your View by is set to Category, click System and Security > Security and Maintenance. If your View by is set to either Large icons or Small icons, directly click Security and Maintenance link.

tap security and maintenance link

3. Or input main in the search field on the taskbar, and then tap Security and Maintenance under Best match.

input main

Step 2: In Security and Maintenance dialog box, expand Maintenance and then click Change maintenance settings link.

click change maintenance settings link

Step 3: Under Automatic Maintenance, uncheck scheduled maintenance and click OK button to disable Automatic Maintenance.

uncheck scheduled maintenance

Note: If you want to change the Automatic Maintenance settings for what time to run the daily maintenance tasks in Windows 10. Just click Change maintenance settings link to set it.

For Windows 7:

Step 1: Click Start menu click start menu and choose Control Panel from the new column.

choose control panel

Step 2: In Control Panel, set View by into Small icons. Navigate to and select Action Center in the new window.

select action center

Step 3: In Action Center window, expand Maintenance and then click Change troubleshooting settings link.

expand maintenance

Step 4: In Change troubleshooting settings window, switch off the Computer Maintenance by clicking Off button, and uncheck two flags in Other settings, and then click OK to disable Automatic Maintenance.

click ok button