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Create New Hard Disk Partition for a Windows Virtual Machine

You may find that there is only one hard disk C in your Windows virtual machine. If you want to use the other virtual hard disk as a special virtual drive for backing up or storing files in the virtual machine, go to create a new disk. This article provides steps to create and add an extra virtual disk to a Windows virtual machine.


Add a New Hard Disk Partition for Windows in Virtual Machine

You can create add an extra virtual disk to a Windows virtual machine in a very simple process with the help of Disk Management tool. Disk Management is a internal tool in Windows, it can help you manage hard disk partition without rebooting system.

Step 1: To launch Disk Management tool, there are 3 methods to run this tool in windows 10.

Method 1: Go from Desktop, press Win + X shortcut key, and then select Disk Management.


Method 2: Press Win + R shortcut key, then type Diskmgmt.msc, and then hit Enter key.


Method 3: Type disk management in the Search box and choose Create and format hard disk partitions from the results.


There is no unallocated space, how to do? Before you can create a new simple partition, you need free up some space from local disk C.

Step 2: Right-click on C and select Shrink Volume. Windows will take a moment to query the volume for available shrink space.


Step 3: Type the volumenumber you want to free up, but it requires to be less then available shrink space(1GB = 1024MB). Then click Shrink button.


Step 4: To create a new driver, right-click on Unallocated partition, select New Simple Volume. Click Next.


Step 5: Enter the size of the partition in MB and click Next. Select a drive letter and click Next. Select the file system type and volume name. Click Next.


Step 6: Click Finish. Windows prompts you to format the drive. Click Format.


Tip: Disk Management tool has many features as below: