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Ways to Use 3D Touch of iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus

Apple's new 3D Touch technology is now available on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. 3D Touch allows you to press down on the iPhone's screen to pull up new menus, activate shortcuts, and generally interact with the device in new ways. With the technology of 3D Touch there are two new ways of interacting:

Part 1: The First is Quick Actions

These let you access a secondary menu from the home screen icon. For things like the camera app that might be taking you straight to the self-option within the app, or for the Phone app icon your three favorite people.

Apps which support Quick Actions

Messages, Calendar, Camera, Photos, Clock, Maps, Video, Wallet, Notes, Reminders, iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks, News, Phone, Safari, Mail, Music, FaceTime, Podcasts, Game Center, Voice Memos, Contacts, and Find My Friends.


Part 2: The Second Way of Interacting Apple Calls Peek and Pop

This option lets you "peek" into parts of the app or other apps from within the app. An example might be previewing your photos from the camera app or looking into your Calendar app from the Mail app without having to open the Calendar app to see if you are busy or not.

Peek and Pop supported apps

Mail, Messages, Camera, Maps, Calendar, Photos, Safari, Weather, Music, Video, Notes, iBooks, News, and Find My Friends.

Rather than just keep the new interactions to itself, Apple has allowed third party developers to use the new features to enhance their own apps.


Part 3: The the apps support two ways interaction

  • Dropbox (Quick Actions/Peek and Pop)
  • Evernote (Quick Actions/Peek and Pop)
  • Instagram (Quick Actions/Peek and Pop)
  • Shazam (Quick Actions/Peek and Pop)
  • Spark (Quick Actions/Peek and Pop)
  • Workflow (Quick Actions/Peek and Pop)

Reccomend the best apps support with 3D touch for iPhone 6s

More ways to use 3D Touch

  • Notes — Use pressure to make darker strokes or to erase larger area 
  • Markup in Mail — Use pressure to create thicker strokes
  • Multitasking — Press left side of the display to switch to multitasking view; press left side of the display and slide right to go to the previous app
  • Dynamic Wallpaper — Press lock screen to bring to life
  • Keyboard — Press to turn your keyboard into a trackpad.
  • Chinese handwriting — Integrates pressure into Chinese handwriting keyboards.