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Tips for Purchasing iPhone 6s on Release Date

Apple's iPhone 6s and his big brother the 6s Plus both go on sale at 8:00 am, September 25th in local time. And if you're planning on heading down to your local Apple Store in order to pick a new iPhone up, then there are probably a few things you need to know before setting off.


Tips 1: Apple will only allow each buyer to purchase two iPhones per day in an effort to stop scalping.

Tips 2: Apple Stores will begin selling iPhones at 8 AM, with reservations allocated to those who need them around fifteen minutes prior.

Tips 3: Two hours before the stores open, those waiting will be split into two lines – one for those who have already made reservations, and one for those who have not.

Tips 4: Anyone unable to secure a new iPhone on launch day will be told to reserve one via the Apple website, with that being possible from 8 AM each day, stock permitting.

Tips 5: Prepare for money. You know where you buy will dictate what choices are offered, including how much you'll pay and how you'll be able to pay. More information about guide to purchase channel.

 If you’re going to be in line come September 25th then good luck, and we hope you get the model configuration you’re looking for.