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The Best Apps Support with 3D Touch for iPhone 6s

Apple’s new iPhones are about much more than just speed and performance. There are a wide range of new features that make the new 6s and 6s Plus fantastic upgrades. Most people may concern to the coolest feature ---3D Touch, here provides the best third-party apps which with smart and creative support for Apple’s new 3D Touch technology.


The Apps Support with Quick Actions/Peek and Pop (Free)


From the home screen the Dropbox app lets you view your most recently actioned file or folder, offline files, upload photos and videos, as well as search your dropbox. Inside the app you get to Peek and Pop to get previews of folders or files.


With efficient automizations ranging from tip calculators to pizza orders, Workflow is really setting a milestone in iphone productivity. 3D Touch adds a new dimension to your workflows. On iPhone 6s, press firmly on a workflow to take a peek, or on the Workflow app icon for quick shortcuts to your workflows.

Spark- Smart Email App for Work

Spark, the email app from Readdle, has been updated with support for even more features in iOS 9, as well as expanded support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. Notably Spark now supports "peeks" and "pops" of email and attachments, letting you take a quick look at a message or file before opening it completely


Use 3D Touch on the app icon on the home screen with the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6s Plus to start song detection without even opening the app.


A truly essential productivity tool, it makes sense that Evernote would have 3D Touch support so quickly. You can now use Quick Actions to create a new note, take a photo, or set a reminder, without needing to go through the app's usual process. Peeking also makes it easy to preview websites and notes.


Instagram's app integrates a Quick Actions menu in the iPhone 6s, letting you jump quickly to Direct messages, search, the Activity view, or to create a new post. But the real magic happens in the app, where you can lightly press to "peek" into user profiles and to expand image thumbnails. Press a little harder, and those previews will "pop" into full view.


The Most Popular and Productive Apps

WeChat (Free)

China's most popular messaging app gives you a quick look at your chats by pressing on a chatline within the app, and lets you start a new chat or quickly pull up your QR code directly from the app icon. Oh, and if your WeChats are starting to distract you during the work day? You can mute it for an hour using 3D Touch, too.

News 360 (Free)

Popular news reader News 360 has great 3D Touch integration. Press and hold firmly on an article headline or image in list view to Peek at the article, and slide your finger up to reveal a menu that gives you options to like it, share it or save it for later. Press harder to Pop the article open.

Magic Piano (Free)

Magic Piano is a piano simulator as one simple addition courtesy of 3D Touch - pressure sensitive playing. How hard you hold your finger down to a virtual piano key affects the volume of the note, soon affecting the general sound of the piece. It’s an ideal time to remind you to switch to light sensitivity to garner the greatest benefits.

Hipstamatic Camera (Free for a limited time)

The Hipstamatic camera roll now supports 3D Touch. Press and hold firmly to Zoom in on a photo and swipe up to favorite or trash it.

Pinterest (Free)

Instagram is one of the few third-party apps we've seen so far that utilizes the "peek and pop" feature of 3D Touch. 3 Touch in the Pinterest app lets you firmly press to open Pins you are interested in.



Endless Alphabet ($6.99)

Endless Alphabet have used 3D Touch to add an extra level of interaction to the fun educational app. What shapes the letters and words show depending on how hard you touch or press on the screen.