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How to Lock My iPhone if it Lost

It is really so bad thing if iPhone was lost because it not only let you lose a mobile phone but also bring you potential danger once someone gets your iPhone data. In order to prevent others from obtaining your personal information from lost iPhone, you must lock the device as soon as possible. iCloud's Find My iPhone function can help you locate and lock the lost iPhone.

In fact, iCloud is the only online tool to lock your iPhone remotely and it is indeed effective. Now, let's begin to learn about how to lock iPhone if it lost.

Firstly, make sure your iPhone conforms three conditions:

  • The iPhone’s “Find My iPhone” option is turned on
  • The iPhone is in the normal boot state
  • The iPhone can access to the network

Steps of setting "Find My iPhone":

1. Find and enter "iCloud" option under your iPhone's Settings Menu.

iCloud Settings

2. Input your Apple ID and password, sign in to iCloud.

Input your Apple ID and password

3. Turn on "Find My iPhone".

Turn on Find My iPhone

Since your lost iPhone satisfies three conditions, now, it's time to lock the lost iPhone:

Step 1: Login in iCloud on the computer browser, visit Input your Apple ID and password.

Sign in to iCloud

Step 2: Click “Find My iPhone” and retype Apple ID password.

Click Find My iPhone

Step 3: Waiting for iCloud to locate your iPhone.

Locate your iPhone

Step 4: Enter iCloud, choose “My Devices”, select the device you have lost.

Choose device

Step 5: Choose "Lost Mode", then according to the prompt, enter your mobile phone number and leave a message, lastly, click "Done".

Lost Mode Input your phone number


Now, your iPhone is already in lost mode.

After locking the lost iPhone is locked, and others can see your contact and message from your mobile phone so that people who picked up your iPhone is easy to be in touch with you.