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How to Backup My Contacts from iPhone to My Computer

Most of iPhone users may encounter this problem: I want to backup my iPhone contacts to computer to save my important contacts information, but I don't have any feasible proposal exactly, what should I do?

Actually, this problem is very easy to solve as long as you choose iTunes. Anyhow, iTunes is your excellent choice because of its fast backup & restore speed and high security. Now, let me show you how to backup your iPhone contacts to computer with iTunes.

Just do as follows:

Step 1: Open iTunes to see the main interface, and click phone icon.

Phone icon

Make sure your iPhone has been connected with your computer. Only then can you see a phone icon in the upper left of iTunes.

Step 2: Choose “Info”, come into iTunes information settings.

Click Info

Step 3: Check the “Sync Contact with”, at the same time, choose “Windows Contacts”.

Sync Contacts with

You can also choose sync contacts with your Google Account. Sign in your Gmail and password, your contacts will be backed up to your Gmail.

Step 4: Check “Contacts” in “Advanced”setting at the bottom of iTunes.


After all these steps finished, don’t forget to click “Apply” to apply all above settings.

Step 5: Click “Sync” to begin to backup your contacts. Quickly, the backup file created in your computer.


Now, your contacts have been backed up to your computer. You have gotten a backup folder in your computer and you can restore them to your new phone or transfer to other places to be used for other purposes.