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How to Add PDF Document to My iPad

It’s very convenient to read e-books among which are most pdf documents on mobile devices. And it’s a real pleasure to read on iPad for iPad’s large screen. You may don’t even know how you can read PDF documents on iPad. It’s so easy that it just requires two steps.

To read PDF documents, you firstly need to install iBooks on your iPad. Then add PDF documents to iPad. The added PDF documents will be saved in iBooks. And you can open to read them in iBooks. Installing iBooks on Pad is easy. Adding PDF documents is the whole point.

Two steps to add PDF documents to iPad

All what you need are a computer with iTunes installed, your iPad device and a USB cable.

Step 1: Add PDF documents to iTunes library

1. Run iTunes on the Windows or Mac computer. I will run iTunes on Windows to show the steps.
2. Click the small button in iTunes upper left corner, and select Add File to Library.

Click Add File to Library

3. Navigate to the path to the PDF documents saved on the computer. Select them and click Open button.

select pdf documents you wish to add

4. Select the My PDFs tab, and you can see the PDF documents have been added to iTunes library.

pdf documents in iTunes library

Step 2: Add PDF documents in iTunes library to iPad

Use a data cable to connect your iPad to the computer. iTunes will automatically connect your iPad device. Select your iPad device and click Books item under iTunes library. Then check the box next to Sync Books. Check Selected books. Then check the PDF documents you want to add to your iPad and then click Apply button in the lower right corner.

Sync PDF documents to iPad

It displays syncing process on iTunes top.

syncing process

When synchronizing is finished, open iBooks on your iPad and you can find the PDF documents are successfully added. You can open to read them.

Tips: If you want to delete the PDF documents on your iPad, just need to uncheck the box next to Sync Book. And then click Remove button on the confirm box. Then the added PDF documents will be removed from iPad.