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How to activate a New iPhone 5/6s

If you're new to iPhone 5 or 6s, we can get you up and running in just a few easy to follow steps. If you already visited a carrier or chose to use Apple Personal Setup, your iPhone is likely already activated, but if it came in the mail you will need to follow these steps to activate your iPhone.What you need:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Wi-fi or Network
  • A nano-SIM card

Steps to activate the iDevice

Step1: First you need to switch your SIM card to the new iPhone.

Apple smart phones support nano-SIM card, ways to install it like that:



Step 2: Turn on your device press the Sleep/Wake button which is on the right side of your phone.

When the screen turned on, slide from left to right on this screen to start.(see in Pic. 2)

Step 3: Select your language and country.


Step 4: Get online and choose Location Services.

Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect or use the 4G network after install the SIM card.

Then decide on Enable Location Services, a feature you'll need for apps like Maps and Find My iPhone.


Step 5: Set up Touch ID and create a passcode. More information about setup Touch ID and use it to unlock your iPhone/iPad.


Tip: For those of you coming from an older iPhone, you can easily transfer all your contacts, apps, photos, and restore more data from your iCloud backup.