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How to Access Notification Center from Lock Screen

Notification Center provides an overview of alerts from applications, and shows your most recent alerts, like calendar event or a missed call. Here will show you how to access Notification Center from lock screen.

Option 1: Swipe down to access Notification Center

Wake up the screen, then swipe down from the top of the screen, including Lock screen (if the notification center is set to be accessed from the lock screen).

Access Notification Center from Lock Screen

Option 2: Use Assistive Touch to Access Notification Center

Once you have enabled Assistive Touch, and have allowed access to Siri from the Lock screen, you can use it to access Notification Center instantly.

To do this: Wake up your iPhone/iPad, open the Assistive Touch menu and then tap on Notification Center.

Access Notification Center from Assistive Touch menu

If you cannot access to Notification Center from Lock screen, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, enter Passcode if you have set. Then turn on the switch for Today view, Notification view, and Siri.

Allow to access Siri and Notification Center

Once get to Notification Center, users can remove notifications without reading them by deleting individual alerts, or dismissing all of an application's alerts from Notification Center.