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How to Enable Low Quality Image Mode for iMessage

Generally, you attach an image taken on your iPhone and iPad to an iMessage, it’s delivered in its original size and resolution, but it can eat up a lot of data and drain the battery. To solve these problem, you might choose to send low quality images via iMessage.

Enable Low Quality Image Mode in Message Settings

Low quality image mode is available for Message app in iOS 10, it allows users can send photos in low quality mode, it can help conserve cellular data and battery usage.

To enable low quality image mode, use these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Message.

Step 2: Scroll down to turn on Low Quality Image Mode.

Enable Low quality mode for Message

Does low quality affect the quality of image that you receive?

Apple stats that when low quality image mode is On, images sent will be lower quality.

When someone send an original image to you via iMessage, you shall receive its full-resolution version even though you have low quality mode enabled, it only affects image you send from your device, not the ones you receive.