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How to Add Emoticon to Your iPhone Keyboard

Emoticon or emojis are characters and symbols that can be used to replace text in messages, e-mail, social media, and other forms of digital communication. This article will show you how to add emoji to iPhone keyboard.

How to Add the Emoji Keyboard to iPhone

Emoticon can visually express your thoughts and feelings. If you cannot find it on keyboard. It might have been removed from your keyboard. Use steps below, you can easily add Emoji keyboard.

Step 1: Open the Settings app, then go to General > Keyboard.

Step 2: Tap Keyboards, then tap Add New keyboard.

Step 3: Select and tap Emoji.

Add emoji keyboard

Use the same steps as above, you can easily add other language or the third-party keyboard to iPhone.

Use the emoji keyboard

With iOS 10.2, there are hundreds of new and redesigned pictographs. Almost every emoji has been beautifully redesigned to reveal even more detail, so using emoji is more fun than ever.

How to access emoji keyboard

For those who use the standard keyboard, tap the Smiley facebutton.

For those who in multiple keyboards, touch and hold Globe icon globe button, then select Emoji.

Switch to Emoji Keyboard

To view more emoticon, swipe to left or right, then tap a category at the bottom.

To access the diverse emoji, simply press-and-hold on the emoji you wish to modify, and release on the variation of your choice.

Access to diverse emoji