Android Refixer FAQ

What can iSumsoft Android Refixer do?

A: iSumsoft Android Refixer is mainly to help you solve your Samsung Android phone system problems. Committed to solving the phone black screen, the app cannot run normally, and the battery drains too fast. And let you get a new phone.

Is this software only suits for Samsung Android phones?

A: Yes, iSumsoft Android Refixer is specially launched for Samsung mobile phone system problems.

What should I do if my repair fails?

A: Don't be nervous. At this time, the screen will prompt you the possible reasons for the failure. You should read the following reasons carefully, and then find out which one caused your failure. Now, build up your confidence to operate again with our software.

How long can I update my phone successfully?

A: First, you need to download iSumsoft Android Refixer on your PC, wait for the download, decryption, and decompression. Next, follow the steps on the screen and wait for repairing your device.

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