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5 Ways to View Installed Fonts in Windows 10

As is well-known, the font itself is quirky, rounded. At the same time, it emanates friendliness. What’s more, it plays an important role in document. Hence, it’s so popular. When you installed the fonts on the computer, and then would like to view them immediately, but you don’t know how to view them, which a mere trifle. There are several simple methods on how to view the fonts that are already installed on the computer.  

How to view the fonts installed in Windows 10:

Ways 1: View them using Run dialog box

Press Win+R, type fonts and click OK.

open run

Ways 2: Check them through Control Panel

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Step 2: Input fonts and select View installed fonts.

control panel

The Fonts window displays all the fonts that are installed and available.

open fonts windows

Ways 3: Browse through them via Settings

Step 1: Click the Cortana icon to choose Settings.

Step 2: Input fonts and hit View installed fonts.


Ways 4: See them with This PC

Step 1: Access This PC window.

Step 2: Type fonts in the top-right search field and double-click Fonts.

open this pc

Ways 5: Look over them by searching

Input fonts in the Search Windows and click Fonts.

search fonts

Conclusion: There are many ways in which you can see a list with all the fonts that are installed on your Windows computer or device. And we hope the above methods can help you a lot.