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3 Ways to Turn off High Contrast on Windows 10

The latest trend is to turn off high contrast mode, basically making the computer turn black and white along with a bunch of other fluorescent colors. I don't need to remind you how annoying this is and why a more permanent solution needs to be found for this problem. We just provide three different ways to help you solve the problem.

Way 1: Turn off High Contrast via keyboard shortcut

You can quickly turn off high contrast by pressing the left Shift, left Alt and Print Screen keys at the same time.

Way 2: Turn off High Contrast by changing the theme

Step 1: Input theme and click Change the theme.

change the theme

Step 2: Choose a new theme barring the High Contrast themes to turn high contrast off.

select theme

Way 3: Turn off High Contrast through High contrast Settings

Step 1: Type high contrast and tap High contrast settings.

high contrast settings

Step 2: Firstly, click High Contrast #1. Second of all, tap None. Finally, hit Apply to turn high contrast off.

hit apply

Conclusion: High contrast is a helpful tool for many people. If you are wondering how to turn off high contrast, thus, we strongly recommended you to use the above there methods in a minute.