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Crack a RAR Password in the Fastest Way

RAR is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning. We often use RAR to compress data for transmission and we often forget or lose the password for decompression. Now how can we crack or recover a RAR archive password when we forget or lose the RAR password? The fastest way to solve this problem is using a RAR password recovery tool to help you crack the RAR password. Here I take RAR Password Refixer for example to teach you how to crack a RAR password in the fastest way.

Step 1: Download and install the program. Click here to download RAR Password Refixer

Step 2: Add file with the Open button.

open forgotten password rar file

Step 3: Select the attack type and make some settings of the attack type.

(Read more about the Attack Types and Settings.)

select password recovery attack

Step 4: Begin cracking and wait for a minute. The cracking time will depend on the complex and length of your RAR archive password. But the latest technology of the program makes the cracking speed high upon more than 100,000 password combinations per second so that all the cracking process will not spend you too much time.

recover rar password

Maybe the password I set of sample RAR archive file is so simple that it just took me 1 second to crack the RAR password. And when you saw this window pops you up, that is to say the cracking process was finished and you could copy the password and open the locked RAR file with your password.

The method that I wrote above may be the fastest way to crack a RAR password and the software may cost you almost $20. Of course, there are some free RAR password cracker tools, but these tools have their own restrictions like the restrictions on the length of the password or the speed of the cracking process. If the RAR archive file is very important to you, I strongly recommend you choosing to purchase the commercial RAR password cracker tool to help you crack a RAR password.