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How to Remove Password Protection from Worksheet

If you have a protected worksheet, you're unable to edit or copy data in locked cells without the password. In this tutorial, you will learn how to unprotect Excel sheet without using its password. With the Workbook Protection Refixer program, you can instantly remove worksheet password without knowing it.

To remove worksheet protection, here's how:

Step 1: Download Workbook Protection Refixer tool and install it on your computer

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Step 2: Start the Excel Sheet Protection Remove program.

Click Open button to add Excel file to the software, then click on the Remove Password button.

Disable workbook structure protection

You will see the sheet protection password is removed in seconds.

Remove workbook structure password protection

A new unprotected Excel workbook ~(unprotected).xlsx is generated in the same location, which password protection has been removed. From then on, you could open and edit it without any restrictions.

Unprotect workbook structure