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How to Remove Forgotten Password from Word Document

This tutorial describes how to remove forgotten password from Word document.

If you have an important password-protected Word document, but the password to open and modify it is lost or forgotten. As a result you cannot access your important data. Of course you can spend a lot of time and effort on breaking the password by trying free methods on web page, or you can save your precious time and use the specialized software developed for finding the lost/forgotten password to open Word document in seconds.

iSumsoft Word Password Refixer is the solution you will greatly appreciate, it is proved to be a helpful tool to recover document's original password. With that password, you can access to encrypted document and remove password from document with ease.

How to recover forgotten password to open Word document

If you forgot password to open a Word document, you need to find it back, so that you can use the password to unprotect the encrypted Word document. Here's how:

Step 1: Get Word Password Refixer tool and install it on your computer. Then launch it.

Step 2: Import encrypted Word file.

Click Open button to add your password protected document into the software. In the Open File dialog, select document you want to unprotect, and click Open to add it to the software.

Add encrypted Word file path

Step 3 : Select one attack type by clicking the drop-down button. In each attack option, you can define the specific items according to how much information of the password you could remember.

1. Brute-force attack type. If do not remember anything about your password, choose the Brute-force attack type.

2. Mask attack type. If you still remember a part of the password, select Mask with Brute-force attack type.

3. Dictionary attack type. This option can quickly find the password from in-built or customized dictionary. Learn more see: How to recover password by Dictionary.

Select attack type

Step 4: Click Start to start cracking document password.

Start crack word document password

Step 5: Once password has been found, note it down. Click Open button to open your document.

Word  file opening password is cracked

Step 6: Use the retrieved password to unlock an encrypted Word document.

Enter password to open Word document

To remove protection from Word document, here is how:

1. Click File > Info tab and then click on Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.

2. In the Encrypt Document dialog box, remove the password and click OK.

Remove password from Word document

How to Remove Modify Password from Word Document

If your document is protected with modify password, you cannot edit its content. To remove editing restrictions, you can make a copy of the original document. Here's how:

Step 1: When you are prompted to enter password to Modify, ignore it and click Read Only button to open the Word document as read-only.

Remove modify password

Step 2: To disable read-only, save this document as a new name. Then, modify password is removed.

Save as a copy Word file

Next time when you open the same document, you will not be prompted by the editing restriction window. Learn more see how to remove restrict editing from this Word document and successfully unprotect the document.