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How to Restrict Editing in Word 2013/2010 Document

Occasionally, you may need to restrict others from editing your Word document. For instance, when you have finished editing a Word document and you don’t want any incorrectly editing by yourself, and also don’t want any malicious editing by others, then you need to set editing restriction to protect the Word document. Following let’s have a look at how to restrict editing in Word 2013/2010 document.

Part 1: How to restrict editing in Word 2010.

Step 1: On the opened Word 2010 document, click Review tab.

Click Review tab

Step 2: Click the Restrict Editing button on the far right of the Review tab.

Click Restrict Editing button

Step 3: Now the far right pane in the Word 2010 document displays the Restrict Formatting and Editing. Check the box next to Allow only this type of editing in the document. Select one option from the drop-down menu just depending on your needs. Then click the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button.

start enforcing protection


Tracked changes: When this option selected, anyone can edit this Word document but the editing process will be tracked and the changed texts will display in red.
Comments: Selecting this option the user only can enter comments in this current Word document.
Filling in forms: This option only allows users to edit the forms in the current document.
No changes(Read only): This option restricts anyone from making any editing on the Word document.

Step 4: Type password and click OK to save changes.

type password

If you don’t want to put password you can leave the password field to blank, but anyone can remove the restriction by clicking the Stop Protection button to unlock the current Word document for editing.

Put password so that anyone who wants to remove the editing restriction needs to enter the correct password.

Part 2: Restrict editing in Word 2013

Step 1: Click File table on the opened Word 2013 document.

Click File tab

Step 2: Click Info tab and click Protect Document button. And select Restrict Editing option.

Select Restrict Editing option

Step 3: On the Word 2013 document’s most right pane, you can set editing restriction.