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How to Recover Password to Open PowerPoint PPTX/PPT File

Forgot the password to open your PowerPoint presentation? Want to open a password-protected pptx file? If you have no idea to find password to open the locked presentation, and you need to access to it, give a try to use PowerPoint Password Refixer, it is designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft PowerPoint pptx/ppt file in seconds. After password recovery, you can freely open and use your presentation.

To recover password to open PowerPoint presentation, here's how:

Step 1: Download PowerPoint Password Refixer software.

Install setup package of PowerPoint Password Refixer on your computer. After installation completed, launch it.

Run and install PPT password cracker tool

Step 2:Input password protected .pptx or .ppt file.

Click the Open button. Navigate to your PowerPoint document, select it and then click Open button. Then, the path can be imported into this software.

Input ppt/pptx file path

Step 3: Select one password attack type and set its Parameters accordingly.

Brute force attack: If you couldn't remember anything about the password, use this attack. It'll try all possible combinations, it takes more time.
Mask attack: If you still remember part of the password, use it. Then, customize numbers, symbols, characters .etc.
Dictionary Attack: A dictionary attack tries only those possibilities with are most likely to succeed, typically derived from a list of words for a list of common words to identify the user's password.

Select attack type

Step 4: Start password recovery.

Click the Start button to start password recovery. Wait till the password is recovered and displayed.

Password to open pptx file is retrieved

Step 5: Open protected PowerPoint presentation with the password you've retrieved.

Open the file and enter the password in the Password box. Then, click OK.

Password to open pptx file

To remove password encryption from the presentation file, here's how:

1. In PowerPoint, click File.

2. In Info tab, click Protect Presentation > Encrypt with Password.

Remove password to open ppt/pptx file

3. Delete password and leave box blank, click OK, now password is removing the from presentation.

Delete password box