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How to Open Encrypted Excel Files without Password

Important Excel files are usually password protected. How annoying if you can’t open an encrypted Excel file for not knowing its password. Now imagine what you will do in the following 3 situations.

Situation 1: Get an encrypted Excel file from others, without being told the Open password.
Situation 2: Download an encrypted Excel file on the web without Open password provided.
Situation 3: Forgot or lost the password to open your encrypted Excel file so that you are locked out.

In any case, you still can find ways to open encrypted Excel files without password. Following let’s see how.

2 methods to open encrypted Excel files without password

Method 1: By recovering Excel password (apply to .xls and .xlsx format).
Method 2: By removing password from Excel file (only apply to.xls format).

Method 1: Open encrypted Excel files by recovering password.

When you forgot/lost or have no idea the Open password, which makes you cannot open an encrypted Excel file, you can use the specialized Excel password recovery tool – iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer to find the Excel unknown password.

Step 1: Download and install iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Add encrypted Excel file to this program.

1. Run this program and then click Open button.

Open button

2. Navigate to the path to the encrypted Excel file, and select it to add it to this program.

Step 3: Select one attack type and settings.

Select Attack Type

Step 4: Recover Excel password.

1. Click Start button on the tool bar.

2. Then just wait, no matter what the Excel password is, it should be recovered successfully and displayed in the dialog box.

Excel password recovered

3. Just need to click Copy and then paste the password to open your encrypted Excel file.

Method 2: Remove password to open encrypted Excel files.

Another method is to remove the password protection to unprotect the Excel file so that you can open the encrypted file without password. Then you can use the program – iSumsoft Excel Password Remover to instantly remove password protection from Excel file.

Step 1: Download iSumsoft Excel Password Remover and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Run this program. Click Open button and navigate to your encrypted Excel file and add it into this program.

Click Open

Step 3: Click Remove Password button to start to remove the Excel password protection via connecting iSumsoft software center online.
Once password is removed, you can open your encrypted Excel file without password.

Tips: If your Excel file’s format is .xlsx then the Excel Password Remover won’t work, because this program only support .xls format.