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How to Edit a Locked Word Document

It’s a troubling problem unable to edit a locked Word document. People usually lock a Word document and accidently lock themselves out of a Word document. A Word document can be locked in two ways, one is by setting Open/Modify password, and another is by restricting editing in Word document. Then how to edit a Word document when it’s locked in either case. Just read on.

Case 1: How to edit a Word document locked by password

If you don’t know the Open password, you will be unable to open password protected Word document without password let alone edit it. In this case, just refer to how to unlock a Word document without password.

Case 2: How to edit a Word document locked by editing restriction

If you can open a Word document, but find you just can view it but cannot make any editing, then it has been locked by editing restriction. In this case, you have at least two very easy ways to edit the Word document.

Way 1: Insert locked Word document into another Word document

Step 1: Create a new blank Word document.
Step 2: Click the Inert tab.

Click Insert tab

Step 3: Click the Object button on far right or the Insert tab. Then select Text from File.

Click Text from File

Step 4: In the Insert File dialog box navigate to the path to the locked Word document. Select it and click Insert button.

Insert a locked Word document

Then the locked Word document will be opened in the newly created blank Word document. And you can edit it without restriction.

Way 2: Open locked Word document with another program.

1. Select the Word document locked by editing restriction, and right click it. Select Open with and then select Choose default program.

Open with

2. Then select a program like WordPad to open the Word document. When it’s opened in WordPad it automatically gets unlocked for editing. And you can edit the contents without restriction.

Edit locked Word document in another program

Tips: The above methods to edit a locked Word document apply to Microsoft Word 2013/2010/2007/2003.